Board of Directors

Ashraf Habibullah
Computers & Structures, Inc.


Jax Kneppers, Chief Executive Officer 
Jax Kneppers Associates, Inc.

EAA is doing so much more than bringing professional Engineers into the classroom. In a broader view, it is exposing students to a world of professional career paths and opening up an new vision for students to consider whether it be in Engineering, Architecture, or even law or business.

Steve Cetrone, Chief Operating Officer 
Oliver & Company

Ongoing California educational funding challenges are definitely impacting the quality of education across all subjects. Even if the programs exist, students have a hard time making real-life connections between their studies and what it can mean in the real world. EAA’s program is an ideal way for teachers to enhance their math, engineering and art programs – and give kids a glimpse of a possible career and some great incentive to do well in school. I’ve been on the Board for four years now and I never get tired of seeing the creativity and enthusiasm kids bring to their bridge projects.

David Nicholson, Chief Financial Officer 
S.E. Retired

I am pleased to be a part of this wonderful program.

William Kotterman, Vice President, Technology 

My goal for the EAA program is not only to inspire another generation of engineers, but to foster an appreciation for the engineering and architecture solutions that comprise civilization as we know it. Through this process we have a wonderful and powerful opportunity to assist in developing a students’ technical literacy, critical and team-oriented problem solving skills, and public speaking abilities. To this extent we can ensure that the EAA program positively impacts all students for years to come, regardless of the career that they choose.

Patrick Murren, Vice President, Student Impact Project
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

The EAA SIP bridge project inspires students to design and create, encourages experimental learning rooted in scientific and physical analysis, and demonstrates the indissolubility of efficient, meaningful design from art. Each year, it is a marvel to witness the student bridge-building teams discover and internalize these lessons and, in doing so, develop their skills through previously unexplored avenues. Indeed, the EAA program elevates the design profession, opens doors for students, inspires skill development, and does so with powerful efficacy. As an engineer and former educator, I am additionally interested in working with teachers to show how multidisciplinary, team-based design projects, such as the EAA SIP, can both satisfy state curriculum standards as well as develop the higher-order skills – application of technical principles, critical analysis, invention – that form the capstone of pedagogical philosophy.

Ariel Creagh, Vice President, Student Impact Project

The Student Impact Project provides an interactive educational experience with the ultimate goal of introducing kids to engineering. With multidisciplinary concepts seamlessly integrated, the value of the program extends so much further. I’m proud to be part of a program that encourages both educational and personal growth from the students!

Thomas Byrne
Eric Chen
Principal – Chen Consulting LLC

Young people need to learn how exciting and rewarding the work of civil engineers can be. And we need to encourage them to choose engineering as their profession to address our country’s infrastructure deficit and ensure the United States remains an engineering leader in the 21st century. EAA has proven how effective it can be at achieving these goals. I am delighted to join the outstanding volunteers who have enabled EAA to advance its worthwhile mission.

Kit Ratcliff
Ratcliff Architects

I became familiar with EAA by attending a classroom to watch the students working on their bridge project and then attended the final presentation of their projects. I was very impressed at how in this one Student Impact Project the students are exposed to so many experiences which will be vitally important for them as their lives unfold: teamwork, creative problem solving, written and verbal expression, working on tangible problems for society. It is a very significant, one of a kind opportunity within the K-12 environment. I am very committed to it.

John Brimmer 
US Glass & Aluminum
Rob Daniels
San Francisco Unified School District
Ken Klein
Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
Heather Meeker
O’Melveny & Myers, LLC

EAA gives students an opportunity to engage in practical and transformative programs in an atmosphere of inclusion and encouragement.

Ray Pugliesi

I’m excited to continue to be a part of the EAA program. I particularly like that we are exposing students to an applied math/science field and helping them experience how the basic subjects they have studied can be used in a career. Further experiencing how a technical engineering field still relies on basic relationships and an understanding and melding of many other disciplines through a team approach shows how the simple lessons in their classroom today will apply the rest of their lives in the workforce. Very glad I can be a part of this.

Paul Rodriguez
Aon Risk Solutions

The Student Impact Project provides a wonderful opportunity to not only develop a foundation around engineering but build business and life skills for those participants. The SIP teaches project management, teamwork (including learning how to collaborate and bridge differences), effective writing and delivering compelling oral presentations. Beyond motivating students to pursue careers in a variety of STEAM-related fields, we are shaping our future leaders. Aon is delighted to partner with this dynamic and rewarding organization.

Steve Strain
Spacetone Acoustics, Inc
Hala Titus
CDM Smith
Ken Walker
Titan Constructed
Michelle Lehman
Executive Director




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