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In 2001, EAA launched its first Student Impact Project in two San Francisco high schools. The key objective was to provide a project-based opportunity for students to connect artistic aesthetics and creativity with the mathematical and functional principles of structural engineering. For two months, volunteer engineers visited classrooms weekly, mentoring students and classroom teachers. Each team worked collaboratively to design and construct a viable model bridge that solved specific geographic and travel challenges in different locations. Final projects were made from specified building materials and judged on the aesthetics, functionality and integrity of their model, a written essay and group presentation.

EAA’s Student Impact Project continues to closely follow the original pilot program.
More challenging scenarios have been introduced, as well as additional building materials and ongoing curriculum updates. The number of annual participating schools has tripled and, on average, more than 120 students participate.

To-date, EAA has introduced the program to 15 Bay Area schools and “graduated” more than 1,500 students. Close to 350 volunteer engineers, from nearly 50 engineering firms, have donated their time and resources.



Many of EAA’s original Board Members, structural engineering firm supporters, SFUSD administrators and teachers remain actively involved. Several high school participants have gone on to earn their structural engineering degrees at various California universities. Some have even returned to volunteer and provide the same inspirational “spark” that motivated them to become engineers.

Engineers benefit by working with students, as well. Unencumbered by professional guidelines and “learned” limitations, participants often inspire their mentors with startling solutions and daring designs.


EAA students

Sponsorship Levels

  • Student Impact Project Sponsor $15,000+
  • Bridges Showcase and Awards Event Sponsor $10,000
  • Classroom Sponsor $5,000
  • Teacher Sponsor $2,500
  • Student Team Sponsor $1,000
  • Volunteer Sponsor $500
  • Awards Sponsor $100

Sponsorship Recognition

$15,000+ Student Impact Project Sponsor
  • This level will help cover the costs of schools participating in the Student Impact Project. This allows students, teachers and volunteers to have all of the training, materials and supplies needed to participate in the 10-week program.
$10,000 Bridges Showcase and Awards Event Sponsor
  • The Awards Event Sponsorship will help cover the 
costs of the competition event with over 300 attendees including participants, judges, volunteers, teachers, administrators and family members.
$5,000 Classroom Sponsor
  • A Classroom sponsor helps cover the costs of all teams in 
a classroom (4-10 teams per classroom) in the Student Impact Project as well as costs for 
the teams to attend the Awards Event.
$2,500 Teacher Sponsor
  • Covers 
costs for a Teacher which includes curriculum materials, orientation and training, 
classroom posters and supplies.
$1,000 Student Team Sponsor
  • Each classroom has at least 4 teams of 
3–4 students working together to build 
their bridge. This level will sponsor a team 
in the local school qualifier and the 
Awards Event.
$500 Volunteer Sponsor
  • This donation level will cover the background checks, fingerprinting and insurance costs for one volunteer team.
$100 Awards Sponsor
  • $100 will 
cover the costs of awards for one team.



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