Mission & Goals

Engineers Alliance for the Arts’ (EAA) mission is to inspire and educate students about the interaction of art, architecture, engineering and construction. We provide students with the experience of working with a design professional inside the classroom and create an opportunity for the students to learn a wide variety of skills, including problem solving, team building, developing presentations, and written and verbal skills. The Student Impact Project offers students insight into the structural engineering profession, while inspiring and energizing engineering professionals.

EAA studentThe goals of Engineers Alliance for the Arts is to target, inspire, and educate tomorrow’s leaders in structural engineering and related technical fields by modeling an exciting curriculum that impacts both academic and artistic areas of study. EAA hopes to make its Bay Area program a model that can be duplicated by other cities and school districts around the country.

The Engineers Alliance for the Arts has made a commitment to:

  • Give students a clear understanding and knowledge of structural engineering principles.
  • Bring a fresh and exciting tool to the educational experience, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of engineering by placing the arts at the center of the learning experience.
  • Inspire students to pursue careers in the structural engineering and technical professions with an understanding of the importance played by creativity and aesthetics.
  • Make students aware of the impact the work of structural engineers has on our immediate and everyday surroundings, including the quality of our life.
  • Place structural engineers in the forefront as educational and philanthropic leaders and as proponents of the importance of the arts in the development not only of future artists, but engineers as well.


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