Teaching the Program

Join Engineers Alliance for the Arts and fellow structural engineers, architects and other professionals in this remarkable project that changes lives.

    • Make a direct impact in local high schools
    • Teach fundamental structural engineering principles in the context of a model bridge design
    • Teams of 3-5 volunteers
    • All materials are provided
    • Lead engineers organize each team

Program Logistics

  • Attend a two-hour volunteer orientation in January
  • Program begins in February
  • Participate in the Awards Event in April
School Involvement Includes the following:

      • High Schools must be able to integrate an eight-week program during the curricular day into either a visual arts, introductory science, math or architecture class (preferably not an advanced placement class).
      • Teachers will work from a pre-designed, in-depth, multi-disciplinary curriculum incorporating both oral and written components.
      • Students will engage in hands-on, project-based learning that integrates the principals of engineering with the arts.
      • Classes are collaboratively taught with the classroom teacher and engineers.
EAA’s Student Impact Project is a powerful vehicle for members of the structural engineering profession to make an incredible impact on the lives and futures of many young people.

Volunteer Engineers are requested to:

      • Assist the Lead Engineer in teaching a 90-minute class every week for eight weeks
      • Count on one hour of commute time per week
      • Commit to a half hour of class preparation per week



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